Talent Technology Limited formed in 2013. As a technology trans-formation institution, we support and develop entrepreneurship cooperation between China and UK. As a technology transformation institution, we aim to build a robust platform for cross border collaborations of the high-level talents and technology companies. We help to develop partnerships between corporations in China and the UK, successfully to support the growth of projects and businesses for both.







2020 " Innovative Ba 360" Kunshan · Bacheng
overseas high-level talents innovation and entrepreneurship competition

 A convenient platform for overseas high-level talents to start businesses, and to promote the cooperation between the UK and China as well as development of more excellent talents and high-quality projects in Bacheng.



E-mail: info@talentechs.org

Tel: +44(0)2035515688

Add: 33/N1 Euston Tower, 286 Euston Road, London​ NW1 3DP

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Dr Guochao Bai

By leveraging Talent Technology's technology transformation platform, Dr. Bai successfully commercialised his bionic robot arm project and founded ChangingTek Ltd. Besides, the project has been further promoted to join Space Incubation Program in Beijing, as well as introduced its business in Taicang, Suzhou.

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