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The China-Europe Young designers Competition in Silk Town

On August 17, the "China-Europe Young Designers Competition", which co-organised by Talent Technology, Xinhongjingcheng Construction Development Co., Ltd. and Huzhou Xinhongli Industrial Development Company, was grandly held in the Silk Town of Huzhou.

More than 100 guests attended the event, including the Organization Department of the Huzhou Municipal CPC Committee, the main leaders of Wuxing District Government and relevant administrative departments of the district, Jin Xu, president of China International Trade, leaders of the organizers, and representatives of enterprises, associations and colleges from the silk textile industry at home and abroad.

The purpose of this conference is to jointly explore the Silk Road and promote the common development of China and Europe in the field of fashion design through the integration of Eastern and Western silk culture. Promote the silk town to fully integrate into the Silk Road economic belt and launched the first international clothing design professional cross-border exchange activities.

Chen Liyang, vice president of Xinyuan Group, president of Xinchuang Technology and chairman of Xinhong Jingcheng, said that Huzhou Silk Town is one of the first provincial-level characteristic towns in Zhejiang Province in 2015, which is located in Xishanyang National Wetland Park with beautiful ecological environment. The town is currently building a proofing centre and noodle accessories centre, centring on the transformation and upgrading of the silk industry, with the innovative business model of "Internet +."

Gradually build the world's top all-ecological proofing centre and fashion design master workshop, and strive to build a small town benchmark with Chinese characteristics for the integrated development of "production city and humanities" on "Belt and Road Initiative". Chen Liyang pointed out: world economic integration and a community with a shared future for mankind have become an irreversible trend of world development, and only by persisting in the coordinated innovative development of domestic and foreign countries, industries and cities can we achieve high-efficiency and high-quality development.

The China-Europe Young designers Competition specially invited Wu Haiyan, professor and doctoral supervisor of the China Academy of Fine Arts and president of the National Women's handmade Weaving Association, Zhou Yifu, vice chairman of Silk Road International Fashion, Vice Chairman of Zhongguancun Global Fashion Creative Industry Alliance and Chairman of CBO China Fashion Brand Committee, Shi Jie, Professional Lecturer of Fashion College of Zhejiang University of Technology, Top Ten Fashion designers of China, Director of China Fashion designers Association, Executive member of Art Committee; Vicki Fong;, Textile Supervisor of Royal College of Art-Design College, Maranouni College of Italy, famous fashion designer and famous fashion creative director Matteo Lanzotti, five well-known industry experts at home and abroad served as judges of the competition.