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Four projects from Talentechs won in 2019 'Win the Future (Ireland)' contest

On October 13, four projects selected by Talent Technology won the first, second, fourth and sixth outstanding awards in the 2019 "Win the Future" International innovation Competition (Ireland), respectively.

This event is hosted by Suzhou International Elite Entrepreneurship week and hosted by Zhida International (zhida International). It was successfully held in the main lecture hall of Confucius Institute of Dublin University in Dublin, Ireland.

During this event, Mr. Hong Jiqing, Director of the Science, Education and Culture Office of the Embassy of the people's Republic of China in Ireland, was invited to the final and delivered a speech on behalf of the Office. Other guests included the director of the Association of Chinese Professionals in Ireland, representatives of Iowa Silicon Valley, as well as nearly 80 representatives of Irish science and technology, venture capital, overseas Chinese organizations, Irish friends and Chinese students and scholars.

The 12 contestants participating in the final roadshow are involved in the fields of new materials, biomedicine, software development, artificial intelligence and high-end equipment manufacturing. In this event, the contestants showed their own projects and answered the questions raised by the five professional judges. Finally, after scoring and judging by the panel of judges, the winners of this competition are as follows: • First prize (CNY 30,000 - £3,300 equivalent): Wenxing Wang, 3D printing soft organ model. • The second prize (CNY 20, 000 each - £2,200 equivalent): Patrick Liddy, augmented reality (AR) industrial smart glasses system; Liu Dou, a new generation of oral monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of IBD disease. • The third prize (CNY 10,000 each - £1,100 equivalent):Fangda Xu, metal 3D printing technology based on rapid plasma fusion; Li Yinfei: financial buyer's market compliance and analysis automation platform; Duan Penghao, fluid machinery artificial intelligence design platform.

The success of the final of the "Win the Future" International Innovation Competition (Ireland) depends on the support from all walks of life in China and Europe, and deepens the mutual understanding and friendship between China and Ireland, as well as people from all walks of life in Europe and Suzhou. It has laid a solid foundation for promoting the landing of China's scientific and technological entrepreneurship and innovation projects.

Talent Technology, as a first-class member of the Suzhou government's Shanghai Cooperation Organization, successfully hosted the British Division of the 2018 "win in Suzhou" International Creator Competition, and two projects were selected into the top 10 of the Suzhou Global Finals, winning the third prize and the excellent prize respectively.

It is worth mentioning that the special prize of the British Competition District has also been successfully settled in Taicang High-tech Zone, and has been awarded as Gusu talents and Provincial Doctoral mass entrepreneurship and innovation Enterprise.