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2021 “Win the Future” Venture Contest for International Entrepreneurs (UK Division)

Win the Future 2021” Venture Contest for International Entrepreneurs is hosted by Suzhou International Elite Entrepreneurship Week Settlement Enterprise Alliance. It aims to create a high-end innovation and entrepreneurship platform for overseas high-level talents and promote more outstanding talents and high-quality projects to develop in Suzhou.

Since the first International Innovation Contest in Silicon Valley in 2011, Suzhou has hosted 42 international competitions in 12 countries and regions, including the United States, Europe, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and Israel, attracting more than 28,000. Famous overseas high-level talents came to the competition site and collected more than 5,800 outstanding projects. The Maker Contest is deeply integrated with the Suzhou industry, focusing on core technologies. This year, 12 overseas competitions will be held in the United States, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Singapore, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Russia and other countries, and for the first time in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Wuhan host domestic competitions.

Talent Technology, partnered with Suzhou International Elite Entrepreneurship Week Settlement Enterprise Alliance, will host the UK Division competition on 5th November 2021. The applications are to be submitted before October 2021. Eventually, the selected outstanding UK division projects will be referred to the global finals at Suzhou in 2022.

The contest welcomes innovative talents who have undertaken major scientific research projects and entrepreneurial talents (teams) with independent intellectual property rights and intellectual achievements. The focused areas include new-generation information technology, biomedicine, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and medicine, smart grids, energy conversation, and equipment manufacturing.

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