Talent Technology Limited formed in 2013. As a technology trans-formation institution, we support and develop entrepreneurship cooperation between China and UK. As a technology transformation institution, we aim to build a robust platform for cross border collaborations of the high-level talents and technology companies. We help to develop partnerships between corporations in China and the UK, successfully to support the growth of projects and businesses for both.







2020 " Innovative Ba 360" Kunshan · Bacheng
overseas high-level talents innovation and entrepreneurship competition

 A convenient platform for overseas high-level talents to start businesses, and to promote the cooperation between the UK and China as well as development of more excellent talents and high-quality projects in Bacheng.



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Dr Yan Jing

Dr. Yan is the CEO of HemoSmart - a biotechnology company providing medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics services with R&D centres in Cambridge University and Shanghai. In collaboration with Talent Technology at its earlier stage, HemoSmart successfully established its manufacturing site in Suzhou.